1 – Decide the most important and visible walls in your home. The art that you choose to put up is important to you so leave some walls blank in order for it to stand out. Space above the TV is a great place for a piece that you adore because TV is the most often look at placein the home.




2 – Measure the shape of the wall and select the paintings that are the same shape as the wall. If your home has a wide wall than choose a painting that is wide in order to fill up the wall. Filling up the wall with the right paintings will emphasise the height or length of the wall which will make you feel the room is bigger.




3 – Different colors show different emotions. Reds and yellows are passionate, serene colors are calming which is great for room that is meant for resting and relaxation.




4 – Do not let your choice of art be confined by the architectural style of your home.contemporary art can be great in a traditional style home and often it stands out from the room.






5 – Adjust the lighting in the room: After placing the artwork, adjust the existing lighting around or consider adding other lighting equipment to emphasize your artwork. A well-displayed artwork could draw attention from your guest to your space.