OSSA is the latest stop motion short from director Dario Imbrogno who turns the bare essentials of an animation puppet into a striking dance performance. Much of the animation process itself including cameras, lighting, and even the hands of the animator are incorporated into the film, creating an unsettling vibe, as if the subject is being forced to perform against her will. If you haven’t seen Imbrogno’s film featuring creepy paper creatures, it’s also worth a watch.

The latest award winning stop motion short ,OSSA from Darlo Imbrogno who turns a normal, under-appreciated  animation puppet into an astounding lively dance performance. Cameras, lighting, and even the hands of the controller of the puppet are incorporated through out the film, generating an anxious atmosphere, as if the subject is performing reluctantly. 

OSSA from IMBRO on Vimeo.

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