//Sitting Dragon, Flying Tower, By Robert Fuerer (Giclée) by Robert Fuerer
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Sitting Dragon, Flying Tower, By Robert Fuerer (Giclée) by Robert Fuerer


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    • Will be hand signed by the artist and numbered on front bottom left corner
    • Museum-quality print
    • Hand-Crafted in Taipei Taiwan
    • Premium cotton canvas
    • Pine stretcher bars
    • Archival inks

1 in stock

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Product Description

This superb limited edition print entitled “Sitting Dragon, Flying Tower” will be signed by Robert Fuerer on the front lower right and numbered  “41/100”. It measures 60.5cm x 41cm

The title,“Sitting Dragon, Flying Tower” refers to the friction the artist sees in his travels throughout the country, between the old Taiwan (Temples, rituals, traditional foods, untouched landscape, etc.) and the new (L.E.D. lights attached to temples, fast-food chains, urban decay, and the ubiquitous plastic furniture, covering the whole spectrum of bright colors).

In coming from the West, with his Western art education, and making paintings here in Taiwan, Fuerer joins a long tradition of Western artists who take the East as their subject. Gauguin, Gérôme, Delacroix, and Lord Byron are just a handful of examples. But whereas those artists tended to embellish, playing up the already extant romance and mythology current in the West about “the mysterious orient,” the artist here has a more empirical approach, eschewing romance and mythology in favor of that binary, semi-confrontational relationship he saw in his subject, between the old and the new, and nature vs. culture.

The opposition of “Sitting Dragon, Flying Tower” gives us, in the artist’s eyes, the paradigm of Taiwan.

Additional Information

Dimensions 60.5 x 41 x 1 cm

Oil, on canvas






Animal, Architecture, Mountains, Places/Landscape


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